Friday, August 7, 2009

Bontrager tires vs. glass shards

Sunday, Aug. 1

Glass: 1
Bontragers: 0

Guess I can't really blame the tires. Some a-hole smashed what looked like an entire pane of window glass -- not round-edged, crumbly car-window-glass -- on the Prairie Path at Rt. 56 / Butterfield Road / Batavia Spur. I kinda noted the glassy glint coming over the crown of Butterfield, didn't pay too much attention.

Phhhht ssss sssss ssss ssss ssss sssss shit.

Piece of glass as long as my pinkie sticking out of the tire. Three-mile walk back to the car. Visit to Bicycles Etc. in Lisle because I'm too much of a lazy bastard to change a flat and there's a Country House branch office next door with the world' s best hamburger.

In my dreams, whoever threw that window glass smack into the path of dozens of bicycle riders is sentenced to pick up every shard with his/her teeth.

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