Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whew! Almost 36 miles

What the heck was I thinking? Took the Batavia Spur to the Fox River. North to .. well, I missed the Geneva Spur and almost ended up in Elgin.

<-- What is this structure in Warrenville? If somebody knows, please fill me in.

Backtracked to the not-very-well-marked turnoff and headed southeast. Have to acknowledge the wooden switchback that carried me up the Fox River palisade and into the woods beyond.

Looped back at the Wheaton split, where a very nice couple, stopping to help a guy consulting a worn map, confirmed that I was on the right track. The last five miles were seriously pushing my current stamina -- or were they? I arrived at the car majorly winded, laughing-out-loud proud of myself and only slightly concerned about dropping dead from congestive heart failure.

Turned on the air-conditioning in the car on the way home, and those of you who know Mr. Never-Warm-Enough realize what that means. That wheezy-itchy-phlegmy feeling in my chest told me I’ve worked the ol’ power plant a bit too hard. Apologies, cardiopulmonary system: I had your best interests in mind when I started.

Total for the day: 35.9 miles. I am tired, but jazzed.

<-- The Geneva Spur, heading east.

Folks, I’m nearly 50 years old, and I tackled almost thirty-six miles of mostly-unpaved trail today. My knees are complaining a bit, and I was a little coughy when I got home, but otherwise: eat my limestone dust!

Gonna fly airplanes with Flight Simulator 10 all night to relax and rest. Bleacher tix for the Cubs game tomorrow. Hope there aren’t a lot of stairs.

<-- Got my minimum daily requirement of iron with just a couple sips of the water provided by this pump along the Geneva Spur.

OK, I'm just a bit shagged out. Can you tell?


  1. Excellent, perhaps we should ride together sometime soon - I could use the workout.


  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the link to my blog, The Chicago Bicycle Advocate.


  3. JA, Let's go! Thinking about trying that trail along the north branch.