Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday sojourn / DuPage River Trail

A pleasant ride this morning.

First to Colonial for my standard breakfast. After the retirement of my longtime steady waitress Juanita, I'm breaking in a new server, Josie. She's already bringing me two glasses of Diet Coke as soon as I sit down. Juanita would do that AND put in my standard order without even asking (Egg Beaters very dry; wheat toast, no butter; bacon, fruit). Josie hasn't quite gotten there yet, but I have complete confidence in her.

I brought my new Nikon camera along for the ride today. It's a much more sophisticated camera than my old film Olympus. I feel like a bonobo trying to land a 747.

But the Nikon has a pretty forgiving idiot mode, so I got a few good snapshots (I won't call them photos) out of the thing. Here's the DuPage River that the trail is named for. This is looking east from the bridge at Knoch Knolls park.

Flowers are starting to bloom along the trail side.

Some gentlemen were playing cricket in the DuPage River Sports complex. I watched for a while, mystified. Looked like fun, though.

Some trees are blossoming, others are sprouting leaves. It's a deciduous riot up there.

Grilled up some slider hamburgers for the family when I got home. Spent an hour or two putting a second coat of stain on Mary's vertical herb garden while listening to the Cubs lose. All in all a good way to spend a Sunday.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Muffaletta run to Plainfield

A 30-mile ride today, from home to Plainfield and back. Mary drove out to Moe Joe’s restaurant to meet me for some Cajun food. Now, we’ve been to ’Nawlins a few times, so we know Cajun from a hole in the ground. This was some good Cajun food, y’all. Plus they have Abita Turbodog on tap!

Turbodog on tap!
The muffaletta had just the right amount of olive dressing to set off the deep pile of lunchmeat nestled in the foccacia bun. The hush puppies had jalapenos in the mix (although Mary thought they were overcooked). Mary’s oyster po’boy had healthy pile of deep-fried oysters on a (we’re guessing) Toscano roll which was almost -- but not quite -- as good as our favorite place in the Big Easy. Very nicely done. Portions were generous: we both took half our sandwiches home.
By the way: the gumbo is the best I’ve had this side of the French Quarter. Maybe better. Damn, it was good gumbo. I’m going back for a full bowl, which will be a meal for about a week.