Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Miami Trail Video

Lil Miami Deer
Here's the video from the Little Miami Scenic Trail earlier this month. Took me a while to get the video downloaded and spliced.

Check out the little spike buck (deer) at 1:15 -- I could have reached out and touched the thing.

No video of the signpost crash, sorry. I'm never rolling when I do something stupid.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


So my wife kidnapped me on my birthday and forced me to attend a Cubs game and eat barbecue ribs and drink cheap wine. 
You see how angry I am at being kidnapped.
I have the best life companion anyone could ever hope for. She had to plan this stuff months in advance.
How did she know it was my birthday!?
Here's how it went down:

She says we're going to a great barbecue place in Chicago. She (not intentionally) drives right by Wrigley Field. I'm inwardly groaning because I know there's a game at 3:05 — I can hear the organ playing.

We pull up in front of the Majestic Hotel a few blocks away. I'm really confused because I'm looking for a BBQ joint.

"Oh, by the way we're staying here tonight," she said.

A little bit hopeful, I asked, "Are we going to the Cubs game, too?"  She just smiled at me. Duh.

At 2:30 p.m., we're at a chilly, misty Wrigley Field, gobbling down foot-long hot dogs and waiting for the game to begin.

Kris Bryant gets a hit.

Starlin Castro celebrates a homer.

The home team lost 5-4, but it was a fun game with two close plays at the plate. My Cubs are a scrappy team this year and a blast to watch in person. Mary got us great seats, of course. 

After the game, barbecue ribs and a nightcap at a funky bar nearby.

I love that girl. And I suspect she loves me.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

OK, OK, helmets = good. Lesson learned

I've never gotten a scratch riding a motorcycle, but the damned bicycle is going to kill me. Got tangled up on a sharp turn on the Little Miami Scenic Trail on Sunday and ran into a 4X4 sign post.

Came up and over a roadway and there was a right-angle bend at the bottom; I turned too sharply and the front wheel contacted my shoe — the dreaded "toe overlap" finally got me — and before I could even say a really bad word WHAM I hit the signpost and tumbled into the grass.

Took the brunt of the impact on my left hand. A deep gash on the base of my index finger and assorted lacerations on the other fingers. Also sore on my knee and jaw.

Note dented helmet; I'll never make fun of the "magic hat" again. Thank you, Mary, for insisting that I wear the thing. The bike is fine, except for some scratches on the shift lever.

Video was taken, although the camera wasn't rolling when I wiped out, darn it. I'll post a YouTube link in a day or three.