Sunday, August 9, 2009

Third time's the charm

Took the Prairie Path Aurora Spur on Saturday, Aug. 7. Low overcast, humid, spitting drizzle.

<-- Discovery 7's dashboard, including ancient steam-powered GPS.

Dick didn't join me, for reasons that can only be described as "smart."

Path was mushy and slow from the previous night's rain. Not promising, but I set out anyway.

After about 5 miles of working way too hard to plow through the slimy limestone, I told myself I'd only go as far as the Fox River in Aurora, then turn around. I was panting hard.

Right at the Aurora city limits, though, the path turned from crushed limestone to baby-butt-smooth asphalt. OK, I said to myself, I'll keep going as long as the pavement holds out.

South along the Fox River, across the New York Street bridge at the casino, then north back along the river on the opposite side. Still paved, and lovely.

<-- Flowers along the Fox River near downtown Aurora.

Sun started peeking though the clouds as I passed through North Aurora.

By the time I hit Batavia, it was mainly sunny and extremely humid. Stopped at Bulldog's for a huge salad.

Rode the Batavia Spur back to the car. Total: 28.5 miles.

<-- The bike definitely needed a wash and a lube after the ride.

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