Thursday, October 5, 2017

So it’s been a while

I’ve neglected my blog Mr. Pither for a long time. I don’t know why. I’ve been biking pretty steadily - in fact, just as much as ever. So I’m forced to believe that it’s a failure of writing enthusiasm, rather than biking. Get together, you two.


I’ve been biking up a storm this year: almost 400 miles recorded by Cyclemeter. Mary has actually joined me a couple of times, mainly because I bought her a new bike and she’s been guilted into it.

Her old bike, a massive Trek step-through that must have weighed 50 pounds, was donated to Working Bikes in Chicago. Her new bike is a teal Specialized Vita with a triangle frame that yes, she has to throw a leg over, but she has admitted is a lot easier to ride. We bought it from the local bike shop Spokes, which I recommend to anyone who wants a good bicycle, fitted by people who care, and by that I mean the proprietor Basil. Thanks, Basil.

Spokes was also where Mary bought a bike for our niece. It’s her first bike with more than one speed. Yeah, she’s happy.

I took her brother to the local Play It Again Sports and bought him a multi-speed bike. He was a little miffed that he didn’t get a NEW bike like his sister, but that kid is gonna grow like a damn weed and I’m not gonna spend a lot on his bike until he gets into high school.

I’m hoping there's no hard feelings and Jason can join me on a ride along the Little Miami Scenic Trail this weekend while his sister has a dance recital.

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