Friday, June 17, 2011

Yay, it stopped raining.

Only managed two bicycle commutes during “Bike to Work Week” — today and Tuesday. Got rained out the rest of the week. Total will be a paltry 50 miles or so. Oh well.

 This morning was glorious. Temperature in the low 60s, cloudless and windless. A lightweight bike in tip-top condition. A middleweight rider in so-so condition. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the 60 minutes and 33 seconds it took me to get to work today.

79th Street running through the
Greene Valley Forest Preserve.

Should be a great ride home, too: an easterly breeze at my back, and 80 degrees. I can rack up a few more miles tomorrow running errands; BTWW doesn’t officially end until Sunday.

dsj 110617

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