Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunch at Ellie's

Just a quick 10 miles today. Bundled up against the 27-degree temperatures and went to Ellie's Deli for lunch. Ellie's is a new, delightfully eclectic little mom-and-pop shop on Naperville-Plainfield Road just west of 95th. The store combines a medium-sized deli with Boar's Head meats, a small but thoughtful collection of wines, and a selection of "international" groceries. I ordered a chicken panini, which they grilled to perfection, and ate at the single table next to the window.

I love locally owned shops, so I'll have to think of Ellie's when I'm out of lunchmeat or want a bottle of Friday-evening wine.

Thanks to all my cold-weather accoutrement, the ride was relatively comfortable. Wore my hiking boots, which helped keep my toes warm. The ride was also scenic: we had an ice fog last night, and many of the trees were covered with feathery hoarfrost.

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