Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The hill starts to bite back, and I lean into the pedals a bit harder, taking advantage of the toe cages. Sweat is dripping off my brow now and I’m starting to pant steadily. I want a pull from the water bottle but I know I’ll splash it all over my face, and I’ll get myself even more short of breath. It’ll have to wait for the downhill side.

Just a few more yards now. Three, two, one, whew. I open my eyes to enjoy the stunning view from the top:

Two rows of gray Cybex weight machines, and behind them, a wall of glass and a gaggle of elderly women in swim suits getting ready for their water aerobics session.


The machine eases off to simulate the next downhill portion of the “random” course. I pour a few ounces of lukewarm water down my throat. Halfway through the winter, I tell myself. Halfway through.

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