Monday, September 7, 2015

Cal-Sag Trail with Steven

Daisies, I think.
Steven and I took a spin on the Cal-Sag Trail today, and aside from the wilting heat, it was a great time and we'll be back.

We caught the trail, newly opened as of June 6, at Route 83 just south of Archer Ave., at the Sag Quarry trailhead. It's a brand-new asphalt surface, smooth as the proverbial newborn powdered tuchis. Even the few road crossings are smooth, for now. There are some mild hills and enough squiggles in the pavement to keep things interesting.
The shade was most welcome.
Heading east-southeast on the trail, the Des Plaines River is on your left, with a hilly glacial moraine beyond. There are forested sections (much cooler on the 85+ F, humid day) that remind me of the nearby Archer Avenue "tree tunnels."

A highlight of the ride: a bald eagle soaring on the thermals over the moraine. When I see one of these magnificent birds, I always feel like I should salute.
Not daisies, but these yellow flowers
grew alongside the trail by the billions.
At Lake Katherine, we got punk'd by some ambiguous signs and ended up on the plain old Cook County Forest Preserve trails, which are themselves excellent and well worth the ride. At the 12.5-mile mark, we turned around and headed back.
A park in Palos had these exercise stations,
and of course Steven had to try them out.
25 miles was more than enough on a sweltering Labor Day. I can't wait to try that trail on a cool sunny morning in October, when the leaves are changing. It's going to be amazing.
Boss! Des Plaines! Des Plaines!
OK, you had to be there.
And thanks to my friend Eleanor, who recommended the trail!


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  1. Mr. Pither,
    Thanks for the update, and map link. Some weekend afternoon you may see a middle aged man pushing an old lady in a wheelchair, along the trail. Ring your bicycle bell and wave, so I know it's you.

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