Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We bike the drive, in a fog

 The family went for the annual "Bike the Drive" event, in which Chicago's most famous roadway is closed to motor vehicle traffic for a morning, and opened to bicycles. Well, bicycles ridden by those who have paid the $55 fee, anyway.

Mary and Dave at about Oak Street, with the
beautiful Chicago skylline in the background. Somewhere.

As a sight-seeing event, the 2011 Bike the Drive was pretty much a bust due to a heavy fog and a misty drizzle. The skyline of Chicago was invisible.

Still, it was fun joining thousands of fellow cyclists for a low-speed toodle on LSD. We started at Grant Park and headed north, stopping occasionally to wipe the mist from our glasses. We enjoyed the people-watching and the many types of bikes, from tour-ready racers to home-made recumbents.

At the turnaround point, Bryn Mawr Avenue,
volunteers served protein bars, bananas and water.
There were several tents set up in Grant Park for vendors and information, and a Blues Brothers cover band, but the crowds were sparse. Most people seemed to want to get out of the cool, damp conditions. We took a look around, then made a beeline for Chinatown and a dim sum breakfast. (Tried a new place, Shui Wah, which was very good. We highly recommend it.)

Mary celebrates at the end of our 18-mile ride.

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